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Customer description: A world-renowned Japanese corporation selling toiletry products. This corporation officially entered the Chinese market and began its business in 2003. Nowadays, it produces more than 300 kinds of toiletry products, of which 18 kinds were sold in China in the first batch. The company also features hair care ranges. Since its inception in 1996, its annual sales have reached 7 billion yen (about 450 million RMB). Considering the geological features of China, the company recruited wholesale dealers in different regions. Products were delivered from logistics bases to general wholesalers, who dispatched products to retailers. Within only one month, a wide range of products from this company showed up in more than 400 popular stores in Beijing and Shanghai.

Project scope: Preliminary design, detailed planning, coding, website building, website translation, testing, implementation, monitoring, operation and maintenance.

Field: cosmetics

Project background:

The company had a tight schedule, because the website must be created before the launch of products. The server must be fast and stable, and operate 24*7. Our client was from Japan, and did not know much about the local regulations in China regarding building websites and the server trust relationships. Therefore, we had frequent communication with our client to help the company deal with the record procedures, and on the other hand, made the server and website for them.

Project characteristics:

Knowledge: The system development platform was LINUX using a PostgreSQL database. Requiring multi-server coordination, backstage processing of a large amount of information.

Technique: LINUX SERVER, including WEB and DB, was set up. There were four servers, including a backup server, to provide DNS, virtual space, operations and backup services.

High performance requirements: Data transmission was highly confidential. The customer required optimized processes and custom SQL operations, with little or no performance impact.

Communication skills: Having a strong command of the Japanese language. From the preliminary planning and designing, to weekly status reports, they must be performed in Japanese. Communication and discussion with clients in Japanese were required.

Management skills: We provided weekly reports to the customer, reviewing the website statistics and database updates. In the case of network failure or other urgent situations, we responded in under ten minutes and informed the client immediately. We then identified and solved the problem in thirty minutes or less before sending solution reports to the clients.

Project challenges: Short project period, frequent website updates and long distance communications with overseas clients.

Solutions: Timely communication through emails and telephones and attending meetings with the client.

Outcome: The server came into operation as scheduled and has run for two years. The website was also created in time. The customers were satisfied.


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