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Customer description: A subsidiary corporation established by Microsoft and HP-Compaq in Japan. This corporation engages in E-commerce system establishment and provides next generation solutions for B2B e-commerce improvement and software development.

Field: IT

Project characteristics:

Knowledge: HTML, JAVA Script

Technology: Browsers need to run on multiple operating systems, such as Windows 95, 98, Me, 2000, XP, and Mac OS, The websites needed to support IE6.0,Netscape7.0 and also include  Japanese maps per client requirements.

High performance requirements: to meet W3C standards, the overall performance of websites were tested as required by clients and the scores needed to be above 70.

Communication skills: Having a strong command of Japanese. From the discussions on style book to the later production and revision, timely communication in Japanese with clients was required.

Management skills: clients frequently updated their requirements for HTML websites. We followed the direction of our clients and worked according to the project plan. In case of urgent situations (such as design scope change or confusion regarding materials), we always contacted clients immediately to seek the best solution.

Project challenges:

Large task: within one month, contractors had reached 100. The goal was to build 200 websites and each website had seven pages on average.

Tight timeline: every customer required delivery of the website in three days. Because we spent a large amount of time establishing requirements with the customers, the actual time for making HTML websites was only one day.

High quality requirements: websites must pass the test of W3C standard and the score must be above 70.

Solution: timely communication with customers through emails and telephones.

Outcome: The project was moved forward and the business increased. Customers were satisfied. New business of this type derived from this one will start in September.


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