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Field: Manufacturing

Projects scope: Network implementation, procurement of software and hardware, detailed design, coding, unit testing, combined testing, system maintenance, and supplementary operations.

Scale: 350 man-months

Customer description: The company was set up in Tokyo, Japan with a history of 200 years. It is one of the most famous corporations in the world and is also a powerful company. Apart from dozens of business divisions in Japan, it has branch companies in different industries in Britain, Hungary, Holland, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, India, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan, China, South Korea, America, Canada, Mexico and Brazil. It uses industries and technologies to make contributions to these countries.

Project background:

The whole factory was moved from Japan to China, so it was necessary to upgrade its system to fit in the Chinese market. To be specific, the company needed to simplify the business processes and to deal with different currencies in order to increase the competitiveness of the company. It also needed fast delivery, high yield, and quality management. Major businesses included: procurement, designs, production plans, manufacturing support, performance metrics, quality management, stock in, delivery, cost and raw materials. This project was applied to mental foundry industry and assisted the production management. This project improved production efficiency, lowered human cost and developed production orderly and securely.

Project characteristics:

Hardware environment: PC (internal storage above C1.4 or p41.8 or +256M)

Software environment: Win server 2000/Win2k/Win xp Oracle 9i

Technique: Adopting the most advanced computer technology, using a distributed client/server structure, graphical user interface, in order to accomplish interoperability between different platforms. More consideration was given to human resource factors in production, such as management and the training cost of employees.

High performance requirements: Simultaneously ensuring system stability and responding to emergencies immediately; ensuring the safety of service data by adhering to established protocols, optimizing the performance of code and SQL operations; ensuring the correct treatment with rapid turn-around.

Communication skills: Requiring a strong command of Japanese. Communicating and discussing with clients in English. In terms of production management and other operation problems, face to face communication in Japanese was needed.

Management skills: Successful communication about development; strictly following the CMM3 standard during the development process, following key development techniques; submitting weekly reports to clients and the company about the project’s progress; Q&A; using SCM to monitor projects.

Project challenges:

Long period, various requirements, abundant contents in the project, heavy workload of communication, the request of reliability and real-time (long distant and mutual) development and management, and high requirements for developers.


Japanese staff and dispatched Chinese staff provide timely and on-site service as required by clients.


Projects were finished on time and met client’s requirements. The system is now operational and received no bugs report until now. We continued to work with the company.


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