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Medium FRC RE-330FB RE-330FB features streamline design. The operation display angle can be adjusted, and the customer display can be scaled up, scaled down or rotated. Featuring integrated advance technologies, the product supports functions such as QR code printing, multi-network communication, smart input and safe data storage. Additionally, it features many interfaces, and is safe and easy to operate and maintain.

Product Overview:

QR code printer

Thermal printer: to print QR code

Print span: 57mm/70mm/80mm

LCD screen

Supports graphic and cursor display; easy to edit and operate

Display area: 128*64 dot matrix; supports display of English words

Intelligent text input

The keyboard imitates the design of PC keyboard and supports English, symbols and digital inputs

Powerful network

Supports wired and wireless network transmission

Supports wireless 3GCDMA2000 and WCDMA)and Wi-Fi

Safe and reliable

Embedded Linux operating system; features safe running of software and safe database storage technology.

Multiple interfaces

Supports external devices, such as scanner, 3G network card and cashbox etc.

Business management function

Diversified business management reports: generates reports such as cashier shift report, PLU sales report, and turnover statistics report.

Supports 10000 PLU

Maximum storage of 10000 invoice details


CPU: 32Bit

Storage: 128 MB nonvolatile storage

Memory: 256 MB

Printer: supports QR code printing; print span of 80mm

Monitor: 128×64 dot-matrix LCD monitor

Keyboard: rectangle keyboard with 40keys; waterproof and dustproof

Interfaces: 4 USB ports, 1 Ethernet interface and 2 serial ports

Working condition:

With a working temperature of 5~40; working humidity of 20%~90% (40); storage temperature of -20~55storage humidity of 20%~93% (40)

Size/Weight: 390mm*340mm*160mm /4.7kg


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