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TM-800AF Fiscal Taximeter TM-800AF fiscal taximeter integrates multiple functions such as Distance info collecting, auto billing, invoice printing and data storage.

Product Overview:

Distance information collection

Uses an encrypted distance sensor which is accurate and safe and prevents rigging.

Auto billing

Supports charges based on distance+ time-based charges

Automatically calculates the total expense to be paid

Invoice printing

The invoice data will be printed on the 44.5mm thermal invoice paper after the FOR HIRE signboard is flipped up, and the process takes only about 5 seconds

An invoice will be printed automatically at the end of the service

Data storage

Able to store detailed data of 10,000 invoices for monitoring and management convenience


Supports 2G GPRS data transmission

GPS monitoring

Supports GPS monitoring to obtain the location of taxis

Safe and reliable

Supports 3DES encryption algorithm and can encrypt the data to avoid malicious tempering


CPU: 32Bit

Thermal printer: with a printing span of 44.5mm and a printing lifespan of 50 kms

Interfaces: supports USB devices, IC card and serial ports

Charge display range: 0~999.9 dollars. The minimum unit: 10 cents (0.1dollars)

Distance display range: 0~999.9km. The minimum unit: 0.1km;Metering error: ±0.5

Time display range:

00.00~59.59 (minutes. seconds). The minimum unit: 1 second (less than 1 hour)

00:00~99:59 (hour: minutes). The minimum unit: 1 minute (more than or equal to 1 hour)

Metering error: ±0.5%

Switching speed error: ±0.5km/h, with response time no more than 5 seconds

Permanent clock error: ±5min/30d

Working voltage: direct current 12V; power adaptive range: direct current 9~16V

Operating ambient temperature: -15+50

Operating ambient humidity: 20RH90RH50)

Size/Weight: 140.3mm×162.6mm×93.8mm / 1.2kg


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